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Welcome To Livingston Philanthropies, Inc.
NJ Homeless

LPI's mission is providing for families living below the poverty line and the homeless.

Announcing Our Green Initiative!

Announcing Our Green Initiative!

Across New Jersey, food banks and community kitchens are reporting a substantial rise in demand and food insecurity within their communities.”   More people may be turning to food banks and soup kitchens because of high rent increases, ongoing inflation and the lingering effects of ceased pandemic relief programs, local experts say.”  NJ Advance Media. That’s why Livingston Philanthropies, Inc. (LPI), now in its thirteenth year, endeavors to expand and enhance our monthly purchase and distribution of fresh produce and fruit.  We call in it the “Green Initiative.” Families living below the poverty line are in dire need of fresh food. This is really an emergency situation.  The need is huge and growing every month.  LPI is reaching-out with a formal funding campaign to service this specific and fundamental basic life need. LPI volunteers are dedicated to continuing current, monthly fresh food purchases for Newark Emergency Services For Families (NESF) and expanding purchase of life-sustaining sustenance for our newest distribution partner, the philanthropic and wonderful Temple Rock Community Church of Newark (TRCCN). The Green Initiative is Livingston Philanthropies first grant outreach in some 12.5 years, with the goal of generating $50,000.00 for this purpose in 2024.  It’s important to note that LPI is a one-hundred-percent volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit with its mission of providing for families living below the poverty line and the homeless.


Amidst the ongoing pandemic fallout and severe inflation, Livingston Philanthropies, Inc. (LPI) proudly announces the launch of our thirteenth season, dedicated to aiding families living below the poverty line and homeless individuals. LPI, now revamped to meet the expanding needs of the vulnerable, operates as a grassroots community organization.


Through the generosity of various donors, we've distributed essential items such as clothing, toiletries, and diapers to partnering outlets in Newark.


Additionally, LPI stocks a monthly Free Grocery Giveaway event, providing fresh produce to those in need. LPI remains committed to serving our community as an all-volunteer, tax-deductible nonprofit.


About LPI Founder Jeff Friedman

Jeff Friedman, CEO of Livingston Philanthropies, Inc. (LPI), started as a local coat drive twelve years ago, growing into a vital resource for New Jersey's poorest. Amid pandemic challenges and rising inflation, he transformed LPI to meet increasing needs. With support from residents, businesses, and organizations, LPI provides essentials like fresh produce, diapers, and warm clothing to those below the poverty line. Recognized by the United States House of Representatives and the State of New Jersey, Friedman is excited to continue LPI's mission. A dedicated Newark advocate, Friedman has served on various boards before focusing on philanthropy full-time. With a background in television production, he's received numerous Emmy nominations and awards.

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